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Skanda Shashti Mahotsavam - 24/10/14 to 30/10/14

Donations :

Temple Repair and Renovation Fund :

The temple is built with munificent contributions from individuals, institutions and even charitable trusts. The Samaj has set up Temple Repair and Renovation Fund (TRRFund) for the purpose of maintaining the temple and the entire complex. The contribuitions to this fund is invested in securities and the interest earned on such investments is used for repairs, restoration and renovation of the temple.

Donations to "Temple Repair and Renovation Fund" are exempt from payment of Income Tax u/s 80-G.

Other Earmarked Funds :

The Samaj has also instituted several earmarked funds which can be classified into religious and social.

The Samaj celebrates various festivals during the year, such as Thaipoosam, Vaikasi Visakam, Skanda Sashti and Panguni Utthira Brahmothsavam for Lord Muruga, Nava Chandi Homam during navarathri for Goddess Durga, Mandala Pooja and Sastha Preethi for Darma Sashta. For each of these festivals, the Samaj has set up an earmarked fund. Such funds are invested in securities and the interest earned is utilised for the successful conduct of the festival along with the contributions from devotees during the festival. The objective is that such festival should be continued ever year without any financial constraints.

In regard to meeting its social objectives within the framework of our ancient Hindu tenets, the Samaj has set up earmarked funds such as Manava Seva Fund, promotion of Vedas, Kshetra Nivarana Fund, Library of ancient Vedic and other literature.

The Samaj solicits the patronage of devotees to contribute to these funds and enable the Samaj to strive further towards fulfilling these objectives.

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