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Pooja Booking :

The Poojas at the Temple can be categorized into

One-time (Daily), Annual (Multiple times the same Pooja) and Life-time (Niranthara)

In One-time, the devotee can perform pooja only once.

Regarding Annual Pooja, a devotee can perform a specific pooja for a year (13 times) on the basis of the star, Thithi or specifically Pradosham day. Eg. Milk Abhishekam on every Sukhla Sashti Day for a year (this will be 13 times in a year).

In regard to Niranthra Pooja (Life-time), a devotee can pay a one-time contribution either for one deity or for all the deities. In this case, the devotee can choose any specific day in a year (eg Birthday, Wedding Anniversary or any other landmark day). The devotee can choose either an English calendar or Hindu calendar for choosing the date.
The poojas at the Temple can be classified into-: Archana, Abhishekam and Alankaram.

Archanas : Archanas, such as Ashtothra, Sahasranama, Shanmukarchana (for Lord Muruga), Trisathy (for Goddess Durga) can be performed either in the morning or in the evening.

Abhishekams : Abhishekam such as Milk Abhishekam, Rudrabhishekam, Durga Suktha Abhishekam can be performed only in the morning.

Alankarams : Alankaram can be adorned to the desired deity (adorning Vaira Kireedam, Vaira Vel, etc.) in the evening.
Devotees booking for poojas can also give the local address of persons in Mumbai, who can come and collect the Prasadams in person or instruct the Samaj to send the Prasadam to the local address after the Pooja is performed.
Devotees desirous of booking for Poojas should at least do so three days in advance to safeguard against the breakdown in communication link, delay in the payment gateway, etc.
Should you feel that the instructions are inadequate, confusing or misleading, kindly forward your comments to, it will help us to serve you better.

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